Monday, 31 October 2016

Useless Led Class....

I am starting the 4 weeks of my practice with Sharat. I have new time schedule, one led class on Monday is supposed to be at 4.30 AM. I won't go..... not because it is too early but because I don't like the led class so why wasting my time of going at 4.30 AM when I can still go to the one at 6.00 AM.

Why I do not like the Led Class?

1. First of all the counting is too fast, when Sharat count is at 5 breathes I am at my 3rd breathe....

2. My practice stops at Supta Kurmasana. Therefore I have to watch others practicing. While my body is getting colder..... which I think it is ridiculous. At one point the led class should be for everyone and everyone should manage all asanas.

3. Stopping in the middle of the practice and to be required to take back the practice on a Backward Vinyasa to do the backbend is a huge non sense!!!! Body colder and not prepared at all.

4. I don't understand why stoping the practice at Supta Kurmasana while some asana are not that "dangerous" for the body such as Supta Padanghustasana for instance and Ubhaya Padangusthasana that gives also a good preparation for Sarvangasana.....

5. I take a lot of frustration from the led class.

And the worst part for me is that we have 2 led classes per week.... Beside as the led class is conducted that fast I do believe that whatever the student level is, he should be able to practice everything. How could you teach the Primary Series in one hour??? Well Sharat does it so it is possible. If you have to teach it in one hour then let everyone practice everything!

Anyway tomorrow I am back to my Mysore Practice. My new time is 7.00 AM and I am really happy about it.

- Namaste -

Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Today Sharat corrected my Parshvotanasana. Basically the gap between the two legs is not hip width but larger, closed to the one of Trikonasana and the back foot need to be at 90°. Never practiced Parshvotanasana that way, it opens the hips more and the balance was quite challenging while bending forward.

Marichyasana D was quite laborious today.....

And Supta Kurmasana, well what could I say about it? I completely stuck to that asana.

After all it was a good practice but could have been better.

For next month practice my time will be changing, today all students are required to be in the shala between 3.00 PM and 4.30 PM to get their new card.

I think I will get earlier practice. Will see :-)

- Namaste -

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Kurmasana okay but Supta Kurmasana.... why I can't do it?

My practice is becoming a flow, my body is bending properly, I really enjoy all asanas and I am stuck in Supta Kurmasana. I don't understand why my hands are not reaching each other, I am completely flat on the floor, maybe my legs need to be higher toward my shoulders.

Sharat adjusted my Marichyasana D :-)

It was a good practice but Supta Kurmasana remained a mystery. I will watch some video on Youtube and see what I can get from it.

- Namaste -

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Do not ask me that question!

Did not go to the led practice yesterday because of my "lady holiday" and also I had a tooth extraction the day before the pain killer made me sleep until 7.30 AM.

Anyway as I do not like the led class it was all good for me!

I went to the conference, each Saturday there is a conference with Sharat. I took the opportunity to ask a question, "THE" question that should not been ask to Sharat during this Conference.... I did not know they were "authorised questions" and forbidden question. Now I know.

My question was: "When are we supposed to practice the full vinyasa between each Asana. And then in Janu Shirshasana why there are only 22 vinyasa as we are not counting the Urdhva Tadasana"....

Sharat: "Where did you read or learn that"?

Me: From John Scott and Gregor Maehle...

Sharat: "DO NOT ASK me this kind of question".

Me: Ok and I sat down....

He was angry. I had absolutely no clues he was having issue with theses questions and during the all so call conference he was saying "If you have to read a book read the Yoga Mala from my Grand Father. Follow the Parampara, one Guru, one student. If you go to other teacher it is because your mind is not calm. The main shala is a pure place, do not come with this kind of question, etc, etc....".

I switched off.

Next time better to give us a guideline of which questions are allowed and which are not.

At the end of it I went to him and told him " I am sorry, I did not mean to offend you by my question, please accept my apologies".

He barely looked at me.

Anyway, this will not change my life.

Of course I did not get any answers to my question and I do believe I won't have any answer from anyone.

Then he also spoke that there were not such a thing called "Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga" but only Ashtanga. He said that all new style of Yoga such as Sivananda Yoga,  Flow Yoga, Flow Ashtanga or Vinyasa he does not agree with this kind of "new style",  almost all students were laughing about it..... while some of them are probably teaching it! It sounded a little bit of hypocrisies to me.

Anyway it was my experience with the "Guru". I don't believe I will ask another question, or maybe we should only ask him to tell us story about his grand father as a student did, it seemed the question was inappropriate but in comparison of mine it was a better question!

As for me I would love to quote Manju Jois:

Sri Manju Jois Ji

  • Drop the label: Yoga is not a label you can sell, there is not Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hot, Hata or Bhakti,..., yoga is simply yoga
  • There is no series: "when I learned from my father (Sri Pattabhi Jois) I was taught all asanas. My father never stopped me because I could not do some and neither he mention any first, second or third series."

  • Yoga is simple and yoga has to be fun: forget about drishti, bandhas, instructions and all that follow. Just practice and have fun and the breath will coordinate by itself and bandhas engaged. So have fun and all is coming.
No need for drastic changes: if you turn vegan because you do yoga, and then you look sick, then I would recommend to stop doing yoga and start eating again." Let the changes happen spontaneously and over time.
On difference between western and eastern mentality: "asian people do what you teach them without asking. You give an asana or a mantra, they do it and let the benefit arise trough time and devotion. Western people are more analytic, they want to know the meaning of the mantra before chanting it, they want to know what muscles to engage and what is that asana specifically good for, they have no patience of experiencing but they crave ready and fast, empty, answers."
- Namaste -

Friday, 21 October 2016

Practicing variation of asana does not and did not help (me)!

Then I am getting confused....

Practice, practice and practice and it all comes. Guru Ji was right.


For years I have been truly believed that because of my short Achillis' Tendon I will never manage to bring heels on the floor for Adho Mukha Svanasana.... I have been practicing it with bricks for years. Then John Scott corrected it by telling me to slightly round my upper back and lengthening from the lower part and suddenly my heels were on the floor..... As a result I have been in real pain the all month of practice with him, my hamstrings muscles were so painful I could not even bend forward properly for the next 2 months. It was my path.

I have been in excruciating pain during Sarawasthi practices for one full month regarding my left knee, I thought it was because of my meniscus, too much practice was not that good for my knee.

So then I started practicing only variation for Parshvakonasana B and Marichyasana D. She allowed me to do it and so my ego was very happy as I was "able" to practice the all series.

Since I am not allowed to practice any variation with Sharat I start to practice both asanas as it is supposed to be.

As a result: no more pain at all in my knee (both of them) and now I can practice these 2 asanas perfectly without any help of any block, strap or even assistance. Marichyasana D came to me yesterday evening,  I could not even believe it myself!
I had to run downstair and show it to Trupta. Of course it is not the perfect one but a least I can twist AND bend at my knee WITHOUT ANY PAIN at all. So yes it is possible.

yoga india
Marichyasana D
Creating space in the body

No offense but it is like loosing your virginity. Suddenly you are opening one part of your body with a new range of movement that your muscles, tendons, joints are not familiar with. Your nervous system is not even aware of it, as a result a signal of pain and awareness to it will be send to the brain. Then only the practice is starting.

You are opening a door but is blocked from behind, you need to push but slowly, no need to rush, do not try to open the door half way, if at all you have to open it do it fully and properly which means : DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING ELSE THAN THE PROPER KEY TO OPEN IT! (no props!). Do not break the lock, but try to open it!

It will take time.

It will take days, weeks and maybe months. It will be painful yes because during the process of opening and creating space you are filling an unexplored gap, a virgin country, you need to tame it a little bit.

Understand the Asana:

In Parshvakonasana B, if you are doing the variation with the back heel lifted and the knee facing down there is no doubt that you will be able to twist without any problem. However the lift of the back heel won't help you to open your hips and to work from the rotation of the femur bone as it is supposed to be done in the final version of the asana.
As a result, yes you are twisting and bringing the hand on the floor - no it is not the asana at all. You will need to work harder to have the complete version. The balance is also very different and harder to find from a lifted heel then a heel on the floor.
Practice the full asana and whatever you are twisting enjoy it and explore it!

No Ego during Asana practice

As a result my practice is stopping at Supta Kurmasana. Since I have been seriously practicing it I feel pain in my lower back and I do understand it. Daily I am asking my body to bend forward with an external rotation of the femur bone in order to try to bring the feet behind my head. For it I need to lengthen from the lower back in order to give more space in between my hips. It will take time but it has to come naturally, no need to push.


There is not need to rush. As for my personal experience variation does not help.

If you are breaking the lock then you won't be able to close the door again, it is a one way useless solution.

- Namaste -

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Today Sharat spoke to me! :-)

"Your practice stops here" (Supta Kurmasana).

That's it!

I am having beautiful practice and I am glad to build my foundation, I do not feel (anymore) that I am a "loser" because I am not allowed to practice the all series, on the contrary I am improving each asana, working deeper all my vinyasa, exploring Trikonasana A & B but more important really enjoying each pose!

On another hand tomorrow I have an emergency extraction of one of my tooth. I am happy because I do believe that it will drastically improve my health. 

For the rest everything is fine, I love the practice and really enjoy each minute of sweat on my mat!

- Namaste - 

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Rockin' my Marichyasana D - Mysore Practice

Today was a good practice. Now I can confirm that my left side is shorter than my right side. Therefore Marichyasana D on the right side is harder as on the left side I can do it properly.... without any assistance, I was very happy.

I have noticed it before during Uttitha Parshvakonasana, on the right side only my finger tips are touching the floor as on the left side my hand is flat on the mat.

The body is not really painful, I can feel it but there is not such pain as of April where I could not even lengthen my legs anymore for the full month!

I am having the feeling that I am opening some secrets doors into my body, sometime a pain appeared but it is just something has opened, don't know if this a muscle that is lengthening, a joint becoming more open or just a simple gap between 2 different part of my body. I stop thinking about the anatomy, I just practice from the inside to the outside, my main focus is my breathing and how I am using my core to keep my torso up and straight or rounded and lifted.

There is a change happening, I can feel it.

Highly recommended:

- Namaste -

Monday, 17 October 2016

Fast led class.... better than nothing???

So we start the week by a led class.... taught is less than one hour, no closing mantra, no shavasana. Utpluti finish then Vinyasa then lie on your back then move on....... that's it!

No comment. Just looking forward to my Mysore practice tomorrow....

- Namaste -

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Namaste "In", Namaste "Out" and Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi

Today was the led class...... and I did not like it. Sorry Sharat Ji but the Led class looked like a fast food class. Duration of the led class: about 50 minutes...... 8 Sun Salutations, body is not ready at all for the series, even the last Om Shanti has been eaten. But at least now there is the closing mantra as for the first week no time was given to it.

Monday we are starting with a led class.... and as there are 3 led Classes on this particular day I feel that it will the same as last week, too fast.

If at all you have to led classes please bring more savour to it. I understand that it is hard to fill the request for everyone but practicing the Series in 50 minutes does not give any benefit to my body.

But of course it is a personal opinion.

- Namaste -

Friday, 14 October 2016

"Technique was not good" - Sharat Jois

Today I was almost able to manage alone Marychasana D. I was in the first row and Sharat was looking at me as I was smiling of happiness, he told "You see, technique was not good, that is why it is better to learn from the source!".

I was happy :-)

In Supta Kurmasana wether I can grab my fingers or wether my feet are crossed, but both at the same time is not possible. Needs to improve, slowly but surely it all comes which make me very happy.

It was a good practice. Tomorrow is a led class.

- Namaste -

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Breathing in certain part of the body is very helpful - Mysore Practice

Starts: 8.45 AM
Ends: 10.10 AM
8 Sun Salutation A for 10 Sun Salutation B.

General Feeling: AWESOME PRACTICE!!!

Yesterday could not go, I had to skip it because of the flu, it was very bad, could not breath at all. I slept a lot and went to bed by 8.30 PM. As a result this morning was awesome, still a bit of a flu but nothing to compare.

I deeply sweat, the shala was sticky, the winter is coming in Mysore which resulting in a lot of rain and humidity, therefore the floor in the shala was sticky, the windows were full of water inside and outside. As soon as I was on my mat after 3 Sun Salutation I was completely wet, even sweating on the front mat.

I have been helped for Uttitha Hasta Padanghustasana, it was nice, I can now do a full split standing up, no pain, just a nice stretch.

Janu Shirshasana C was easier than before, rotation of the ankle without any problem.

Marychasana D has been adjusted, I am grabbing perfectly my hand and can hold the asana for longer breathe, still I can not manage how to do the twist without any help.... don't understand it.... but it will come.

Supta Kurmasana was my limit, can not grab the hands, can not cross the leg properly so directly backbend series and closing series.

It was a beautiful and awesome practice.

I still have the feeling of "wtf am I doing there", while I was waiting my turn to come in I was watching all of the beautiful awesome advanced practitioners and it brings me down... even thought when I was on my mat the energy in the shala is so high that it is bringing me up.

I shall not look and compare myself to others but inside of me, deep inside of me there is the child I was when I was looking for attention from my family and could not get it. Same feeling, not that I want the attention but more that I do not feel myself at my place surrounding by all of these Ashtangis. 

Practicing with Sharat is not an ego booster, practicing with Sharat is more about stepping back/down and learn about humility and how legitimate we are by teaching Yoga. Am I really eligible to teach it to anyone? I should not even ask the question to myself as it will dragging me down....

Better to stay on the feeling about my practice, it was a beautiful and enjoyable practice, can't wait for tomorrow morning!

- Namaste -

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Mysore Practice with Sharat - He is remembering me!!!

I know it sounds stupid and I might sound like a wannabe but to my big surprise Sharat remembers me. I was in Marychasana D, having an adjustment that was not working with one of the assistant as she was pressing my knee down. Sharat came stopped her and told her "she is having knee pain, I'll do the adjustment"...

And he did, very gently, very carefully, I was able to hold my hands, knee was okay. He did both side. Honestly this made my day. 

On the other hand I am having the flu.... but during the practice was able to breath and while doing all the closing series it went very well. Now after the class my nose is running and my ears are completely blocked. 

Will feel better tomorrow.

- Namaste -

Monday, 10 October 2016

Led Class with Sharat - Week #2

Woke up at 4.30 AM, at 5.00 AM was in the car. The sky was full of stars, it was beautiful, it is just too bad that I can not take any picture of it. It was absolutely beautiful.

At 5.20 AM we were all going into the shala. I have no clue when the practice started but to my big surprise at 7.00 AM I was back in the car!!!!

Does it mean that Sharat taught the Primary Series in less than one hour? The Led class was supposed to start at 6.00 AM, 3 students arrived late and he told them to go back as we were already practicing.

Anyway today was an heavy morning, heavy body, heavy mind, heavy muscles. Practice was kind of crappy, did not enjoy it at all and actually I was really happy to stop at Marychasana D. Did not even bother to do Navasana, just did the vinyasa in between each asana and wait for the backbend.

Shavasana was about 2 minutes because the 3rd led class was waiting. So it was kind of Namaste "in" and Namaste "out", thank you very much. 

Hopefully tomorrow my practice will be better than today, it still can be worst (unfortunately) but today was one of my worst ever practice.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Ashtanga is the healing medicine for our body, no variation allowed!

And of course the shala was fully packed. I practiced with other 7 students in the hall and it was fine. At the beginning there was an Indian woman with all makeup who was sitting back on the bench which was 50 cms from our mats, then after Parshvakonasana she understood that she was not at the right place, basically she was bothering us, and finally she left.

Today the class was filmed. At one point during Urdhva Mukha Shvanasana we had the camera right below our nose, don't know the purpose of it, during Sarawasti class the same happened. So at least I will be on of their movie if they released it ;-) wow, am I getting famous?? not at all! just kidding.

After the practice there was a conference with Sharat, he spoke about the fact that Yoga is not from a book, not in a book and not in a manual, yoga is inside of us and only by practicing we can explain what it is and experiment it.

Asana is the door to Yoga, because through Asanas we start understand how to breath then the Pranayama comes.

I asked a question about limitation and variation. If we can not do an asana because of a physical limitation due to a surgery are we allowed to do the variation?

The answer is of course no. As per Sharat Ashtanga is healing the body that is why we should stop when we are not mastering an asana, the body takes time to record it and to understand it. The pain is part of the process.

I don't know if it is right or no, I can only take my personal experience. Last June and July both of my knees were screaming, at one point even Janu Shirshasana was painful. I then stop to practice for 3 weeks the primary series and focus on something else (for instance I was working teaching Hatha Yoga), then I have to admit that since I am back to the Ashtanga Practice bot of my knees are totally okay even though I still do not have any meniscus in my left knee. It is not painful at all and I can manage to do the Parshvakonasana B without any variation.

So can I say that Ashtanga has healed my body by opening my hips more or will it be the fact that I took a break from the Primary Series and practiced more Hatha? I have no clue, in both way the asana has healed my body but from which practice I don't know.

He underligned also the fact that we are NOT YOGIS OR YOGINIS because the foot goes behind the head, that WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED to have flat back in Janu Shirshasana for example as we are loosing the essence of the asana which is to give internal massage to the internal organs and that NO ONE IS ADVANCED PRACTICTIONER because of the jump back and jump front.

Actually the hand stand before jumping back and jumping front is worthless because it is not good for the shoulders.

I can not agree more with it. He also mentioned (and I really like it) "Come in the shala as a student, do not come to show off. Yes you can jump back and jump front but you are not a Yogi because of it, you are a student".

Finally is spoke about the dress code. Last time I was saying to Rakesh and Trupta that I am one of the student who is wearing more clothes!!! Most of the ladies are in short and tiny top and some men are just in bathing suit.

Sharat said it was disrespectful for the practice, for the shala and for the country. He said "as a student you are wearing this kind of clothes and you go out people can see that you are almost naked which is bad for my reputation and the shala".

Once again I can not agree more. Beside adjusting someone when there is not cloth is not convenient at all as sometimes you have access to part of the body that you would definitely rather avoiding.

It was a nice talk from him. Tomorrow is the day off and my body is thankful for it!

- Namaste -

Friday, 7 October 2016

Where are the students???? - Mysore Practice KPJAYI

I arrived today at 8.15 AM, there was no traffic at all and Vishaw our driver was driving fast... too fast actually I told him to slow down.

So as soon as I arrived there was no line up, I came in and Sharat asked me at what time is my schedule, I told him 9.00 AM and he said come in... there were many free spots, only 1 student on the stage and many free space.

During the all practice the shala was not pack at all, no line up at all.

I don't understand... where are the students?? I am wondering if everyone is really following the 6 days practice or if some of them are just choosing the days when they want to practice.

Tomorrow is led class so of course it will be packed but as the day go by during the week the shala is less packed....

My practice was okay, it seems to me that the adjustment I am receiving in Marichyasana D are getting harder and harder. I wish I could have back the first adjustment made by the first assistant but each day I have a new one. Today it was really hard and painful, my foot was pressing against my thighs right to the femoral vein and on both side. I cans still feel it as I am typing my blog.

During the twisting I could barely breath and on the left side I could not find my balance at all. This asana is really hard, for sure I can not do it on my own.

However I have noticed that Navasana right after Marichyasana D is just a piece of cake, legs are lighter so I do believe that Marichyasana D is a good preparation for Navasana and the binding required is bringing the flexibility to perform Supta Kurmasana so in this way there is a logical reason why Marichyasana D has to be done before going to Kurmasana.

In fact the Primary Series is very logic anatomically speaking, that is why it is important to respect our limitations and not to go forward if we are not mastering one of the asana.

Today is our day off in the Ashram, no class so I am having a massage which will be very much welcome.

Sunday is my day off for my Ashtanga Practice and I do believe it is well deserved!

Tomorrow after the led class there is a conference given by Sharat at 9.30 AM. Usha texted me so I will attend it even thought I don't know what will be the subject. It will be interesting for sure :-)

- Namaste -

Thursday, 6 October 2016

2 more.... You, on the stage..... Damned!!! Mysore Practice, KPJAYI

My class is at 9.00 AM, we are supposed to arrive 30 minutes before, therefore I was on my mat by 8.35 AM. And I was on the stage..... damned! Sharat was on his chair, looking at the class. I was a little bit impressed, practicing on the stage even thought no one is looking at you is a little bit uncomfortable. But same as yesterday after few Sun Salutation (I did 12 of them) I was completely into my practice.

My first thought today was concerning my pants.... I think I should practice with legging. Can not practice with short because to me is awkward but the pants I was wearing today was not practicable at all. 

The adjustment of Marichasana D was really strong today but I hold it for 7 breaths. Then I did until Supta Kurmasana and I stopped there because even with help I can not grab my fingers, or when I grabbed them I can not hold them.

Yesterday evening I did practice some backbend in our shala and was very happy to reach the floor without any problem using the wall, but to come back is still hard. Even thought we are not supposed to practice elsewhere I was happy to have done it because it really improves my morning practice.

So far my body is alive, no pain anywhere, to my very big surprise my knee is okay actually BOTH of my knees are okay. No pain at all. Will see how it will be in the near future. I always thought that Marichasana D was not for me because of the huge pain in my left knee but in fact I can do it. So maybe the break I had before really help my body to recover. 

Next practice tomorrow morning.

- Namaste -

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Mysore Practice, 3rd day - He said Navasana!!!

It was a very good practice.
I am scheduled for the 9.30 AM practice but have to be there for 9.00 AM. I came at 8.45 AM, the traffic was good. No line up outside, the line up is inside before entering the main shala.
I sat there with other yogis. We were all observing others practitioners and I was thinking "what the hell I am doing here? I am not like them? I am not advanced at all!!!".... I was very intimidated. 

Then Sharat said "2 more" and something very weird happened. Everyone was looking at each other saying "oh you arrived before me, just go" and the other replied "no you go...". Then Sharat came at the door and said "so you are all there but no one wants to practice?". Then finally 2 more came inside.

Yes we are all there, we are waiting to come in but when it is time to go no one moves because by watching others we are getting shy.... the human being is extraordinary!

After 10 minutes it was my turn.

I started my practice trying to focus on my mat but could not restrain myself to watch other beautiful yogis practice. If you want to practice with high level Yogis this is the place! So many advanced practictioner it is insane, I never experienced this before. After a couple of Sun Salutation (I did 14), I forgot everything and was really into my practice.

Then Marychasana D came.... and one of the assistant came and adjust me. No pain at all, beautiful adjustment, I grabbed my fingers and managed to stay there for 7 deep breaths, it was very comfortable. She helped to do the other side. I felt good, it felt  good, I was happy.

Sharat asked the student "is she grabbing?" student said "yes, with help" then he said "Navasana"..... and at first I did not record the instruction. After my Marychasana I started doing right away Urdhva Dhanurasana. Then I realised that he was telling to go to NAVASANA!!! and I was "Wtf??? am I stupid or what? he told me Navasana and I am doing the back bend.....". Anyway it was too late, I folded my mat and went in the other room to do the closing series.

So tomorrow I will go until Navasana and I do believe that I will be stopped to Supta Kurmasana as without any help I can not bring my foot behind my head.

I will highly recommend to anyone who really want to commit into a yoga practice to go there, the energy is awesome and having the privilege of practicing with such good practictioners give you wings. 

Can't wait for tomorrow, my schedule has changed I am now for the 9.00 AM practice.

- Namaste -

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Theses are the rules of the Shala! - Second Day practice

Morning Led Practice, starts at 7.30 AM. No closing mantra, Shavasana for 2 minutes and thats it. Kindly Usha offered me a place in the front row.... in between all amazing practitioners, most of them are practicing the secondary series I am sure of it. I started the practice stressed which is not the goal of any Yoga practice. I thought "what am I doing here?".... 

Of course I have been stopped at Marychasana D. After a good sweat I was on my mat watching all of theses amazing practitioners. Once my body got colder it was time to go back for the backbend series. At least Sharat should let us do the Vinaysa in between each asana if we have to be stopped in te middle of the series, because it is the best way to hurt yourself, doing back bend when your body is not warming up enough.... anyway it is the rule of the shala.

Another rule: You CAN NOT PRACTICE in the shala with this yoga blanket mat:

Don't waste your money buying it, you can not use it in the KPJAYI Shala....

Really??? So then why do THEY SELL IT into their Yoga shop???? When I did practice with Sarawasti it was not a problem but Sharat said that these mats are not allowed in the shala... what is the exact reason of it? No clue.....

Third rule: You CAN NOT PRACTICE in the shala with a Yoga Mat printed with the sign OM on it. As the lower part of the body (feet) will touch it, this is not allow in the hindou religion... however I thought that Yoga was not a religion and not connected with any religion....

So anyway theses are the rules of the Yoga Shala in Mysore. At least they should add a note on their website to let people know about it.

Tomorrow my practice starts at 9.30 AM. Since I used to wake up at 4.00 AM I think I will do a baby practice early morning before attending the Mysore class and also since I won't be practicing the full series I think it will not hurt me at all.

- Namaste -

Monday, 3 October 2016

First Day of Practice with Sharat Jois - Did I like it??

Today was the first day of my practice "with" Sharat Jois. I arrived at 5.30 AM and been told that I was too late.....  Actually if the led class is at 6.00 AM you should arrive by 5.00 AM to be sure that you will have place in the shala..... if not you will be practicing in the dressing room where I was with 6 others students upstairs and 10 others students downstairs.

So basically it is the war if you want to practice in the big shala with Sarat directly into your sight. Can I then say that I did practice under his guidance? Well kind of, we were just hearing his voice. No one stop us during the practice because no one where looking at us, so in a sense it is cool as we all practice the full series.

Tomorrow there is another led practice so I will be there one hour before it start and see if this time I have the chance to practice in the shala instead of the dressing room.

I like the practice, it was fast because after there was another led class, so it was what I call "Yoga Factory". After 2 minutes of Shavasana you have to leave because others students are coming and no one want to practice in the dressing room so it is the war, a polite war, a yogic war.

Did I like it? Well I don't really know. Actually it was not very different from my personal practice when I am alone in our shala. I did not even see Sharat, when they were no sound in the street we were able to hear him but as soon as someone was going to the toilet or a motorbike driving in the street you could not hear him, so we were doing our personal practice.

What I have notice is the level of practice. Very high! Most of the students are strong and really good practitioners. I do believe that a lot of them are practicing the secondary series. So it is a good boost for me, very stimulating. 

For the rest will see how it will go. I do  believe because of my knee I will be stop during the Marychasana series which is fine for me, I am not in competition and I respect the practice of others.

However it has become a real Yoga Factory. Everyone knows Sharat but I don't think he will be able to remember all of us, we are just westerner passing by for a short time and next month others will come. So as people are judging Yoga School saying that it is Yoga Factory at least in our Yoga School we know our students and we guide them personally.

For now I am taking this as a personal experience and hopefully at one point it will help me to improve my practice, outside of it I do not have any special expectation.

- Namaste -

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Early morning practice is the best

Yesterday I went for my registration at the KPJAYI, and unfortunately I am scheduled for the 9.30 AM practice.... I should have registered earlier but I was not there so basically I have no choice. I am used to practice early morning so until 9.30 AM I have absolutely no clue how I will manage.

This morning I woke up at 3.30 AM then start my practice by 4.45 AM and it was awesome. I added some extra Vinyasa as the air is cooler I was in need of a good sweat, which did not really happen but at least I was not cold at all.

Tomorrow I am supposed to go for a led practice at 7.30 AM and Tuesday will be also a led practice. Wednesday start the Mysore style so 9.30 AM. I do believe that I will have a baby practice early morning before going to the shala, then probably a light breakfast by 6.00 AM. 

I have no clue how it will be. I suppose that the 9.30 AM practice will be packed and there will be probably a lineup at the door, so maybe my practice will start by 10.00 AM if I can find a place into the shala.... it is definitely the worst time for any practice.... But what can I do? At least I can practice with Sharat for the next two months and hopefully at one point I will be able to come and practice earlier.

Anyway my morning practice was awesome, I started with 30 minutes of pranayama and did the all series without skipping any asana. I have added few full vinyasa before the Janu Shirshasana series, Marychasana series, Navasana, Ubbaya Padanghustasana and it was great.

Tomorrow will be another day.

- Namaste -

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Back to the practice

Starts: 5.20 AM
Ends: 7.00 AM

I have been travelling the last few days from New York to Paris then Paris to Bangalore. My metabolism is upside down and yesterday I was completely out.

However this morning it was really easy to wake up and to practice, my body was a little bit stiff but for the rest the practice was good.

I did a lot of pranayama at end. I think it is for me to include more pranayama into my practice, if I want to calm my mind during my practice I think I have to masterise my breathing. I am not practicing any Kumbakha, will wait the end of the month to do so.

In 4 days I am starting with Sharat....