Thursday, 13 October 2016

Breathing in certain part of the body is very helpful - Mysore Practice

Starts: 8.45 AM
Ends: 10.10 AM
8 Sun Salutation A for 10 Sun Salutation B.

General Feeling: AWESOME PRACTICE!!!

Yesterday could not go, I had to skip it because of the flu, it was very bad, could not breath at all. I slept a lot and went to bed by 8.30 PM. As a result this morning was awesome, still a bit of a flu but nothing to compare.

I deeply sweat, the shala was sticky, the winter is coming in Mysore which resulting in a lot of rain and humidity, therefore the floor in the shala was sticky, the windows were full of water inside and outside. As soon as I was on my mat after 3 Sun Salutation I was completely wet, even sweating on the front mat.

I have been helped for Uttitha Hasta Padanghustasana, it was nice, I can now do a full split standing up, no pain, just a nice stretch.

Janu Shirshasana C was easier than before, rotation of the ankle without any problem.

Marychasana D has been adjusted, I am grabbing perfectly my hand and can hold the asana for longer breathe, still I can not manage how to do the twist without any help.... don't understand it.... but it will come.

Supta Kurmasana was my limit, can not grab the hands, can not cross the leg properly so directly backbend series and closing series.

It was a beautiful and awesome practice.

I still have the feeling of "wtf am I doing there", while I was waiting my turn to come in I was watching all of the beautiful awesome advanced practitioners and it brings me down... even thought when I was on my mat the energy in the shala is so high that it is bringing me up.

I shall not look and compare myself to others but inside of me, deep inside of me there is the child I was when I was looking for attention from my family and could not get it. Same feeling, not that I want the attention but more that I do not feel myself at my place surrounding by all of these Ashtangis. 

Practicing with Sharat is not an ego booster, practicing with Sharat is more about stepping back/down and learn about humility and how legitimate we are by teaching Yoga. Am I really eligible to teach it to anyone? I should not even ask the question to myself as it will dragging me down....

Better to stay on the feeling about my practice, it was a beautiful and enjoyable practice, can't wait for tomorrow morning!

- Namaste -

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  1. Hello Stef! Comme toujours, merci de partager ton experince. J'adore de lire tes articles! I have similar thoughts lately. Wonder wheather I should not find another job. I want to teach yoga, but I have so much more to learn about myself. I love what I'm doing, but I just don't want to do it half ways...Je suis de plus en plus attiree par la pratique traditionelle. Je le peux pas expliquee. C'est juste que le feeling que j'ai apres c'est hors de prix. Gros bisous