Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Mysore Practice with Sharat - He is remembering me!!!

I know it sounds stupid and I might sound like a wannabe but to my big surprise Sharat remembers me. I was in Marychasana D, having an adjustment that was not working with one of the assistant as she was pressing my knee down. Sharat came stopped her and told her "she is having knee pain, I'll do the adjustment"...

And he did, very gently, very carefully, I was able to hold my hands, knee was okay. He did both side. Honestly this made my day. 

On the other hand I am having the flu.... but during the practice was able to breath and while doing all the closing series it went very well. Now after the class my nose is running and my ears are completely blocked. 

Will feel better tomorrow.

- Namaste -

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