Monday, 10 October 2016

Led Class with Sharat - Week #2

Woke up at 4.30 AM, at 5.00 AM was in the car. The sky was full of stars, it was beautiful, it is just too bad that I can not take any picture of it. It was absolutely beautiful.

At 5.20 AM we were all going into the shala. I have no clue when the practice started but to my big surprise at 7.00 AM I was back in the car!!!!

Does it mean that Sharat taught the Primary Series in less than one hour? The Led class was supposed to start at 6.00 AM, 3 students arrived late and he told them to go back as we were already practicing.

Anyway today was an heavy morning, heavy body, heavy mind, heavy muscles. Practice was kind of crappy, did not enjoy it at all and actually I was really happy to stop at Marychasana D. Did not even bother to do Navasana, just did the vinyasa in between each asana and wait for the backbend.

Shavasana was about 2 minutes because the 3rd led class was waiting. So it was kind of Namaste "in" and Namaste "out", thank you very much. 

Hopefully tomorrow my practice will be better than today, it still can be worst (unfortunately) but today was one of my worst ever practice.

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