Sunday, 15 January 2017

How long the Primary Series is supposed to last?

I am now practicing the Primary Series in 1h20 minutes. Still I have added Bekasana and Urdhva Dhanurasana but I do believe that when I am practicing on my own my breathing is faster.

In 2 weeks I am flying to Bali to practice with Iain Grysak and I can't wait. In Mysore it is still the winter, kind of, and in the morning it is cold... then I am wondering how did I survive up to 6 years in Montreal when it was -20°......

This year I will be travelling up to 3 months to Bali with 3 different trips (Ubud for Iain Grysak, Canggu for Mark Robberds and Lombok for our TTC) also 2 months in  Thailand. The rest of the year  I will be in India and probably in the West for 2 months.

I do not have any expectation about my practice, I take it as it comes. The more I practice, less bad days I have. If I have to compare my practice from now to last year I will say that there is nothing to compare at all. Last year I thought that I had a good practice but this year I can really say that it was not the case. Now I am having a good practice, when it starts becoming an habit then it is the sign that I am on the right path.

I have more understanding about the body and how it moves. I want to go deeper in some aspect and I understood that I could not hurt myself if I do it with care.  

The only problem I am facing is I am losing the interest of teaching. Right now I am in the learning phase, I just want to become a student, I just want to learn and to receive and I am not interested at all of giving anything back to anyone. It sounds very selfish I know but this is what I am really feeling from the inside. So for the next 6 months I will be only practicing and learning, and when the time will come for me to teach again then hopefully I will be blossoming!!!

- Namaste -

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