Monday, 16 January 2017

Can we practice Ashtanga in cold country?

What a stupid question I know.

I am not sweating during my practice, so today I practiced in the afternoon, the temperature was about 25° as it is still the winter in Mysore.

I am amazed to see how much my body has becoming in tune with the weather. I really can stand hot as I can not stand anymore cold. It is my 4th year in India and this winter 2016-2017 is cold, well not cold as in Canada or Europe because still during the day we have 25° but now to me it is cold.

So I am not sweating at all during my practice. In the morning no sweat because it is about 15° and in the afternoon neither.....

In the main shala I was sweating like hell, also we were about 60 students practicing altogether so of course it might help a little bit, but now I do not really enjoy the practice. I like to sweat. Still the practice was good today, body flexible, practiced beautiful backbends, practiced Shirshasana with the head not touching the floor, Pincha Mayurasana was completely under control, so I really enjoyed it and I was fully happy after it but I am missing the hot weather.

Santosha! I am satisfied with what I am doing right now.

Therefore I am full of admiration toward the Ashtangis living in NY, Yukon, Russia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden etc. and still practicing during the winter - for this it takes a lot of TAPAS!!!

Can not deny that the best practice of all time is when you are by the sea shore and then after it you go for swim, this the perfect yogic life and it is so easy to follow it but when you are living in the city to have a real yogic life is really hard.

Tomorrow back the morning practice.

- Namaste -

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