Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Thank you Mark Robberds!

Since last March where I hurt my neck doing Chakrasana I was not doing it anymore. Even though my neck was not painful anymore I was scared.

This morning during my practice I recalled the video of Marck Robberds about Chakrasana and one version was instead of rolling on the neck you slightly rolled on the shoulder..... and it works!!!

Can not be more thankful to Mark Robberds, I am very happy and this will have a huge impact on my practice and on my day for sure :-)

Tutorial Videos are very helpful to enhance your practice, since I am following Mark Robberds I have learned a lot because he is not only a good practitioner but also a very good teacher. Sometimes good practitioner does not how to teach and teaching is definitely an Art. 

Keep practicing and it all comes - it is so true!

Have a great day,

- Namaste -

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