Saturday, 19 November 2016

Practicing Yoga when you are sick is not a good idea....

I have been sick since the last 2 days, I skipped two practices. So today I have decided to finish the week with the led class, at least, give me one practice ! And it was not a good idea at all..... as soon as my head reached down my brain was pushing against the skull.... horrible headache.

I caught a cold. Now I am not sneezing anymore however I am coughing.

No need to say that my practice was not the best.

On the other hand I met Iain Grysak today and I gave him my registration fees for the intensive Ashtanga immersion in Bali on February. So yes definitely I will be in Ubud by the end of January till the end of February.

Even though I am sick I am missing the practice. The benefit of a regular Ashtanga Yoga practice can not be explain, it has to be lived! It is all from the inside to the outside. I feel great and happy.

I am lucky and bless to have this life, travelling and practicing, teaching and learning. It is a good quality of life, it is the best time of my Life!

Love & Light,

- Namaste -

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