Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Supta Kurmasana......

As promised Sharat gave me the adjustment in Supta Kurmasana.... and it worked! Each time I am receiving an adjustment from him it is working, he is soft, not pushing, scolding "relaxe, why you push, relaxe, breathe, why you're not breathing?". But in the end his adjustment worked all the times.

He told me that next week I will catch on my own.... well, we'll see. Hopefully I will be "graduated" by the end of the week to continue the full Primary Series.

I am also working a lot on my jumping back and jumping front, as a result of it typing this post is getting painful to my shoulders, very heavy. I think my upper body will get wider as it takes a lot of strength to lift up and jump back.

I have decided to follow the Iain Grisak workshop in Bali, so I will be living India by January 26th and come back by February 25th. 

On April I am supposed to be in Montreal to teach drop in classes so I am planning to practice with Mark Darby.

Then hopefully next october will be back to practice with Sharat again.

There are so many things changing in my body and in my mind that now I really want to continue and see where it will lead me.

- Namaste -

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