The Full Moon and the Ashtanga Yoga Practice

It is interesting to notice since I have been practicing regularly the Ashtanga Yoga my cycle is following the full moon.

Women are connected with the moon. It is said that a woman to be fertile should bleed during the New Moon and ovulate during the Full Moon. It is not my case as I am bleeding during the Full Moon.

Three years ago I used to practice Pilates and Yoga even during my menstruation. It is only when I start seriously practicing Ashtanga that the my attention has been brought to the moon cycle. In Ashtanga the full moon day is a day off. In Pilates whatever the day we practice.

Since then I have stopped to practice during the Full Moon and therefore the change in my body has started. Since I am getting more aware of the "outer" world (Moon, Sun) I pay more attention to what is happening inside my body.

Let me explain: the PMS is a strong syndrome for all women. Doctor Freud at his time has even put some women in Psychiatric because of it, at that time when a woman was afflicted of the PMS she was sick or crazy. 

During my PMS there are days where everything is black, I am completely down and got pissed off for nothing. However the daily practice of the Ashtanga Yoga has the tendency to change it, I can get sill pissed off and really down quite easily but the difference if that I am AWARE of what is happening. Before I was just miserable now I feel that the situation is because of my hormones changing...  

Also now I simply can not practice during my period. I stop for 2 or 3 days. Sometimes I still feel guilty about it but other moment I am so much in pain that I am perfectly fine skipping 2 or 3 days of practice.

The regular practice of the Ashtanga Yoga is changing my mind, my soul, my body, my way of life. My physical body has changed, I was thiner and since I have been practicing daily my body look bigger, more muscles and stronger.

The practice is re connected me with the elements.

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