Wednesday, 4 January 2017

My best Guru so far is Myself!

So far I haven't find "my" teacher. I can not consider Sharat as my teacher as I don't know him and have been practicing with him for only 10 weeks. I will say that I am my own Guru and my own teacher. My yoga mat is calling each morning and I have to admit that I am reaching a very comfortable practice without any pain and a lot of improvement.

This morning was a blissful practice, my nose was blocked so I started all Suraya Namaskara breathing from the mouth.

All asanas are coming easily and flowing. My asana practice last for 1.25 hour. Then I did 15 minutes of Pranayama but with a running nose I did not really enjoy it.

Still I can not grab in Supta Kurmasana but for the rest everything is just fine.

I am not looking for a Guru, I am just looking for practice with different teachers. 

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