Thursday, 6 October 2016

2 more.... You, on the stage..... Damned!!! Mysore Practice, KPJAYI

My class is at 9.00 AM, we are supposed to arrive 30 minutes before, therefore I was on my mat by 8.35 AM. And I was on the stage..... damned! Sharat was on his chair, looking at the class. I was a little bit impressed, practicing on the stage even thought no one is looking at you is a little bit uncomfortable. But same as yesterday after few Sun Salutation (I did 12 of them) I was completely into my practice.

My first thought today was concerning my pants.... I think I should practice with legging. Can not practice with short because to me is awkward but the pants I was wearing today was not practicable at all. 

The adjustment of Marichasana D was really strong today but I hold it for 7 breaths. Then I did until Supta Kurmasana and I stopped there because even with help I can not grab my fingers, or when I grabbed them I can not hold them.

Yesterday evening I did practice some backbend in our shala and was very happy to reach the floor without any problem using the wall, but to come back is still hard. Even thought we are not supposed to practice elsewhere I was happy to have done it because it really improves my morning practice.

So far my body is alive, no pain anywhere, to my very big surprise my knee is okay actually BOTH of my knees are okay. No pain at all. Will see how it will be in the near future. I always thought that Marichasana D was not for me because of the huge pain in my left knee but in fact I can do it. So maybe the break I had before really help my body to recover. 

Next practice tomorrow morning.

- Namaste -

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  1. Love to follow your updates! cannot wait for the next blog post! :)