Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Mysore Practice, 3rd day - He said Navasana!!!

It was a very good practice.
I am scheduled for the 9.30 AM practice but have to be there for 9.00 AM. I came at 8.45 AM, the traffic was good. No line up outside, the line up is inside before entering the main shala.
I sat there with other yogis. We were all observing others practitioners and I was thinking "what the hell I am doing here? I am not like them? I am not advanced at all!!!".... I was very intimidated. 

Then Sharat said "2 more" and something very weird happened. Everyone was looking at each other saying "oh you arrived before me, just go" and the other replied "no you go...". Then Sharat came at the door and said "so you are all there but no one wants to practice?". Then finally 2 more came inside.

Yes we are all there, we are waiting to come in but when it is time to go no one moves because by watching others we are getting shy.... the human being is extraordinary!

After 10 minutes it was my turn.

I started my practice trying to focus on my mat but could not restrain myself to watch other beautiful yogis practice. If you want to practice with high level Yogis this is the place! So many advanced practictioner it is insane, I never experienced this before. After a couple of Sun Salutation (I did 14), I forgot everything and was really into my practice.

Then Marychasana D came.... and one of the assistant came and adjust me. No pain at all, beautiful adjustment, I grabbed my fingers and managed to stay there for 7 deep breaths, it was very comfortable. She helped to do the other side. I felt good, it felt  good, I was happy.

Sharat asked the student "is she grabbing?" student said "yes, with help" then he said "Navasana"..... and at first I did not record the instruction. After my Marychasana I started doing right away Urdhva Dhanurasana. Then I realised that he was telling to go to NAVASANA!!! and I was "Wtf??? am I stupid or what? he told me Navasana and I am doing the back bend.....". Anyway it was too late, I folded my mat and went in the other room to do the closing series.

So tomorrow I will go until Navasana and I do believe that I will be stopped to Supta Kurmasana as without any help I can not bring my foot behind my head.

I will highly recommend to anyone who really want to commit into a yoga practice to go there, the energy is awesome and having the privilege of practicing with such good practictioners give you wings. 

Can't wait for tomorrow, my schedule has changed I am now for the 9.00 AM practice.

- Namaste -

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