Friday, 7 October 2016

Where are the students???? - Mysore Practice KPJAYI

I arrived today at 8.15 AM, there was no traffic at all and Vishaw our driver was driving fast... too fast actually I told him to slow down.

So as soon as I arrived there was no line up, I came in and Sharat asked me at what time is my schedule, I told him 9.00 AM and he said come in... there were many free spots, only 1 student on the stage and many free space.

During the all practice the shala was not pack at all, no line up at all.

I don't understand... where are the students?? I am wondering if everyone is really following the 6 days practice or if some of them are just choosing the days when they want to practice.

Tomorrow is led class so of course it will be packed but as the day go by during the week the shala is less packed....

My practice was okay, it seems to me that the adjustment I am receiving in Marichyasana D are getting harder and harder. I wish I could have back the first adjustment made by the first assistant but each day I have a new one. Today it was really hard and painful, my foot was pressing against my thighs right to the femoral vein and on both side. I cans still feel it as I am typing my blog.

During the twisting I could barely breath and on the left side I could not find my balance at all. This asana is really hard, for sure I can not do it on my own.

However I have noticed that Navasana right after Marichyasana D is just a piece of cake, legs are lighter so I do believe that Marichyasana D is a good preparation for Navasana and the binding required is bringing the flexibility to perform Supta Kurmasana so in this way there is a logical reason why Marichyasana D has to be done before going to Kurmasana.

In fact the Primary Series is very logic anatomically speaking, that is why it is important to respect our limitations and not to go forward if we are not mastering one of the asana.

Today is our day off in the Ashram, no class so I am having a massage which will be very much welcome.

Sunday is my day off for my Ashtanga Practice and I do believe it is well deserved!

Tomorrow after the led class there is a conference given by Sharat at 9.30 AM. Usha texted me so I will attend it even thought I don't know what will be the subject. It will be interesting for sure :-)

- Namaste -

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