Monday, 3 October 2016

First Day of Practice with Sharat Jois - Did I like it??

Today was the first day of my practice "with" Sharat Jois. I arrived at 5.30 AM and been told that I was too late.....  Actually if the led class is at 6.00 AM you should arrive by 5.00 AM to be sure that you will have place in the shala..... if not you will be practicing in the dressing room where I was with 6 others students upstairs and 10 others students downstairs.

So basically it is the war if you want to practice in the big shala with Sarat directly into your sight. Can I then say that I did practice under his guidance? Well kind of, we were just hearing his voice. No one stop us during the practice because no one where looking at us, so in a sense it is cool as we all practice the full series.

Tomorrow there is another led practice so I will be there one hour before it start and see if this time I have the chance to practice in the shala instead of the dressing room.

I like the practice, it was fast because after there was another led class, so it was what I call "Yoga Factory". After 2 minutes of Shavasana you have to leave because others students are coming and no one want to practice in the dressing room so it is the war, a polite war, a yogic war.

Did I like it? Well I don't really know. Actually it was not very different from my personal practice when I am alone in our shala. I did not even see Sharat, when they were no sound in the street we were able to hear him but as soon as someone was going to the toilet or a motorbike driving in the street you could not hear him, so we were doing our personal practice.

What I have notice is the level of practice. Very high! Most of the students are strong and really good practitioners. I do believe that a lot of them are practicing the secondary series. So it is a good boost for me, very stimulating. 

For the rest will see how it will go. I do  believe because of my knee I will be stop during the Marychasana series which is fine for me, I am not in competition and I respect the practice of others.

However it has become a real Yoga Factory. Everyone knows Sharat but I don't think he will be able to remember all of us, we are just westerner passing by for a short time and next month others will come. So as people are judging Yoga School saying that it is Yoga Factory at least in our Yoga School we know our students and we guide them personally.

For now I am taking this as a personal experience and hopefully at one point it will help me to improve my practice, outside of it I do not have any special expectation.

- Namaste -

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  1. "at least in our Yoga School we know our students and we guide them personally"

    You know the reason why I've chosen Samyak? It was a quote of you:"I remember every single student I've had here"