Friday, 14 April 2017

Week 1.... already done!!!

I was almost counting the day in Thailand and here in Ubud time is flying....

This morning was a led class and the shala was completely packed, 28 students or more, we had to add a row and I was slighting putting my mat backward and the lady behind me was very unhappy and almost shout "oh no, not here or you will be jumping on me!....".... well I ignored her and did not jump on her during the full practice which was good ;-) however I almost "eat" her feet while she was dismounting Matsyasana....

Practice was good, it was really nice to follow the count and to let it go. Therefore I cheated a lot for most of jump back and jump front and almost broke my left fingers while jumping into Bhujapidasana as I was too close from the wall..... I just felt and Iain asked me if I was okay which I was so just continuing the practice and did a really really nasty Kurmasana.

My left hand is painful now and a bruise will be showing pretty soon.... when I felt my left index completely bend on the opposite direction (toward the top of my hand) but curiously it seems that it is okay.

Tomorrow is a day off.

During my breakfast I saw for the first time of my life a flying lizard!

He was flying from tree to tree. This small guy was really impressive.

In Bali the life is quite cool and lazy, it is really a Eat, Love and personnally Read as I do not pray.....

- Namaste -

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