Sunday, 16 April 2017

Week 2 - Practice is bad

How can we keep a stable mind when the body is changing daily??? This morning my practice was heavy, not flexible and the worth part is I was skipping asanas!!! After Supta Kurmasana (which was really bad even with Iain's adjustment) going directly to Upavista Konasana A.... then realised my error and went back to Gharba Pindasana.

Then After Upavista Konasana A going directly to Ubbaya Padanghustasana....... what was happening??? 

Today my mission is to watch all videos on Youtube about jump back and jump front because I am getting slightly pissed off for not being able to do any of them properly. So I need a clue, even though I think I know all the "tricks" but none of them is working, can I order longer arms???

I don't understand what is the thing that I don't get? Why the message can not reach my brain when I order myself "lift up, cross and jump back"..... Almost everyone is doing it and me I am just heavy as a big truck....

Basically my day has started pretty badly because of this practice.

Tomorrow will be another day, another try and all of the best!

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