Sunday, 12 November 2017

KPJAYI - Week 2 with Sarawasti - Dedication!

This morning it was a Led class with Sarawatiji.
This morning I learned what "Dedication" is.

I usually do not like the Led Class but lately I started to really enjoyed all of them and specially led classes from Sarawasti. Her vinyasa counting is not too fast, not too slow, to me it is perfection. I just put myself in autopilot mode and follow all instructions without even thinking. 

I am 200% focus on her voice, not looking around at all, my mat is my world, my space in which I am moving and only her voice tone makes my arms rising up and body folding front.

I stayed in Chaturanga Dandasasana for all chatwari even when some students are not there and that the chatwari become a very long one.

I am not in a race competition but as Usha used to say I am completely surrendering to the practice.

This morning Sarawasti counted twice the left leg for Supta Padanghustasana and everyone followed without a flinch. Dedication.

The practice can not come without any dedication.

Dedication to a "guru" why not? If this word does not suit you then start the dedication toward yourself.

Tapas will follow :-)

Have a good practice!

- Namaste -

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