Friday, 3 November 2017

Led classes and Mantra chanting with Sarawasthi

This morning on my way to the Shala I was thinking about my life. My birthday is in December, each year I am having a "down moment" but this time it is different. This time I feel the urge of myself realisation.

When Sarawasthi came in the shala my mind was so up and down, unstable and going everywhere that I thought the practice will be like hell. I was not in the mood for Yoga.....

After the 3rd Sun Salutation I was there, completely in the moment, not thinking about myself and my personal ego.

At the end of the class she did chante a pretty long shloka, she wanted us to repeat after her but for most of us it was not possible to catch the words.

She told us "you should sing, singing is good for you, for your brain, for your practice, for yourself", she was smiling and she continues her chanting.

It was nice, a very sensitive moment, I wished I could have sing but I could not understand a word of it so I did not want to repeat anything.

I am recollecting myself, this year I am moving forward. Leaving something that I know for the unknown; it is exciting and also very scary but if I don't try I will never know exactly where I belong.

The progress I have seen in my Ashtanga practice are the same I want to happen in my daily life. If I am able to pass Supta Kurmasana that means that there is no obstacle that I can not conquer. The wall is only in my head, I never noticed that I was free....

- Namaste -

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