Monday, 12 June 2017

Week 2, Day 2, Mark Robberds

Even thought I know my limitation because of my injury I have to admit that sometimes it is really hard to deal with it. All standing poses for instance are completely excruciating, not to mention that the Prasaritta Padotanasana Series that I used to love and practice so much is now completely out of my reach.....

However once passed all Janu shirshana the practice is getting more pleasant.

Supta Kurmasana was effortless, I am binding slowly but easily.

Some of my jump through were flying.

But in the end, after Shavasana I just wanted to cry, I felt alone on my mat, I was watching the practice of others and was wondering when can I reach that level? 

My backbends are really going well, I have so much good things coming out of my practice and I have absolutely no reason of feeling down.

I just want the injury to be heal, quickly... how long will it last??

Anyway, tomorrow is another practice so only good things can come out of it.

- Namaste -

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