Wednesday, 5 April 2017

More pelvis to the practice....

This morning I spent more time working more from my pelvis. In Utanasana I used to slightly micro bend my knees while bending forward. Same for Padanghustasana and Padahastasana. This morning I try not.

I was remembering Iain asking me to strengthen my legs while bending forward.

The feeling I had was completely different, I felt by lengthening my legs I had more movement into my pelvis. I usually micro bend my legs in order to protect my lower back and to keep my chest to the thighs but by doing the micro bending I realised that I might be probably locking my pelvis.

So all my practice was focused on my pelvis.

And it does change the practice. For the jumping front my movement came directly from my pelvis, bringing the siting bones up, I tried to do the same for the jumping back keeping my legs completely straight, it was harder but not impossible.

I do believe that by micro bending my knees while bending forward did not allow the flexibility I am looking for to my pelvis. I have to change the habit and to renew my practice once again.

Practice is not still and can not be, it has to evolve and it is a daily progress and process :-)

It was a full 2 hours practice with all vinyasas. The beginning was hard, really hard but then my breathing was more focused and so do I.

Still enjoying it.

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