Sunday, 9 April 2017

Back to Ubud and with Iain Grysak!

On February during Iain Grysaks' Ashtanga Immersion course I asked him: "when do you know you have find your teacher?". He laughed.

Today I can make a statement. I have found my teacher and it is Iain Grysak.

Why? and do how I know?

First of all I think he is an absolutely wonderful dedicated practictioner. 

And second thing, the most important, I do feel safe when I am practicing under his guidance. I am trusting him 100%. 

Then how do you know when you have find your teacher? People usually replied that "It is the teacher coming to the student when the student is ready". Actually for my personal experience I came to Iain Grysak after reading his blog, and I do believe I kept an open mind during the first month of practice with him.

It is very comforting to know that I have found my teacher :-)

Morning practice was great, the shala was packed and I realised that a lot of people from Mysore where there. The seasons has ended on March in Mysore and a lot of practictioners are now here to practice with Iain. Then the level of practice is high which give me more strength and more motivation to improve my practice.

My jump back and jump through are slowly improving, I feel like an elephant but gently it is improving. The day I will be able to do a jump back without my feet touching the floor I will post a video!!!

I did hit my 2 yoga mat neighbours in Garbha Pindasana (15 Vinyasas) while rolling.... then Iain was watching me.... I tried to cheat by lifting up after not been able to roll properly but he asked me to do it again.... and again.... and again..... therefore I hit the back of my right neighbour and the leg of my left neighbour..... basically after 15 rolling back I was saying "oh excuse me, so sorry".... it was pathetic... I did lift for 7 breathes but the all the process was really painful.... only for my ego.... even thought I was smiling and laughing internally.... 

Hopefully tomorrow I will do it better and hopefully Iain won't be watching me for this one....

Happy to be here, looking forward for the next practice!

- Namaste -

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