Monday, 10 April 2017

Chaturanga Dandasana the return....

Since the last couple of weeks I am correcting, adjusting my practice. I used to micro bend my knee while bending forward, I don't  do it anymore and as a result it is a huge improvement for my pelvis motion, now I really feel my sit bones lifting up while jumping back and jumping front and the stretch for a forward fold is starting from my lower back, new sensation.

Then I remembered what Iain told us during the immersion last month. The elbows in Chaturanga Dandasana should be on the side, slightly open but surely not below the rib cage which will led the upper body to round, basically a real full plank using only the strength of the arms and the torso and not cheating by contre balancing the body weight on the triceps.

I realised that day I was cheating in my Chaturanga Dandasana.

So I corrected it and once again it is a huge change in my practice. First of all I really need to push against the floor in order to keep a plank pause and then from here going into Urdha Mukha Svanasana takes more effort than I ever thought. I am really working more my pectoralis major and minor, gliding my scapula down into the serratus interior and stretching like I never did before the triceps muscle.

What does it mean???

Well it mean, and it very unfortunate, that I was practicing wrongly, cheating most of the time in the most important part of the practice, how can I lift up and jump back if I am not building my upper body correctly, I can't, it can not happen, it is a "simple" foundation that I have been avoiding because probably of laziness and mostly a lacking of awareness.

I have been compensating a lot, now I am renewing my practice and building a new body. As a result I am not chasing any new asana, I am perfectly fine with the Primary Series and have absolutely no urge of going further. I need to rebuild my foundation.

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