Thursday, 2 February 2017

Day 5 - Catching in Supta Kurmasana !!!!!

Today the practice was hard, I got dizziness after the series of Prasaritta. Since the beginning of the practice I am working on my breathing from Urdhva Tadasana and I think I never ever practiced like it before therefore my breath is getting shorter.

Iain helped me for Supta Kurmasana and at the beginning I thought it was helpless as each time I cannot fully grab and hold it. However he made me grab without any pain and to my very big surprise I hold it for 10 breathes!!!!! 

After I felt my body lighter same when I did Marychasana D the first time my body was lighter.

Yesterday after my practice I felt strange and basically burst into tears, some bad thoughts, memories were passing by and I allowed them to leave (and don't ever never come back!!!).

Today after Supta Kurmasana my body was not heavy anymore, my shirshasana was flying.

I keep repeating the same sentence, surrender to your asana, surrender to your practice, surrender and let it flow. This is so true.

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