Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Day 3 - Creating a relationship with the practice

In the afternoon there is pranayama session and discussion group.

Iain said yesterday that we should be able to have a relationship with our practice instead of having it through the teacher. The commitment toward the practice is the commitment toward ourself. If you are practicing fast you are probably running away from something, from yourself. The practice should be the reflection of the relationship toward our own body, mind, ourself.

Having a relationship with our practice, such a beautiful sentence. I never thought of it like this and it is so true.

This morning during the practice a lady just burst into tears while doing Parshvotanasana. It remind all of us the power of the practice, the power of the breathing and furthermore the power of let it go.

As per Iain if you are stuck into an a asana it is because you are not ready to let it go, you are not trusting your practice and so yourself.

Not to remind that I am stuck with Supta Kurmasana. This morning I had bad thoughts during my practice. I've seen 2 men practicing without any flexibility, not really biding in Marychasana D and practicing the full series. I thought why? Why not me? 

Back from my practice and typing the blog now I am thinking "Why I am still having this kind of thoughts? Why still comparing me to others when I should just practice and take care of what is happening on my mat!!!!"......

Right now I will define my relationship with my practice unstable, sometimes I like it when I do the all series and other time I am frustrating because I am stuck with one asana....

I still need to grow.....

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