Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Rockin' my Kurmasana

I have a new schedule. Practice is at 7.00 AM, therefore I have to be there by 6.30 AM and wait for almost one hour before entering the shala....

I practiced very slow and did 12 Sun Salutations.

Standing postures are getting easier, no real struggle with them. Sitting postures as well until I reach the Marichyasana D.... and today could not do it on my own at all.... It seems that I am losing it, I don't understand....

However my Kurmasana was absolutely beautiful, total flat back, chin on the mat, head at the same level of my feet, could not believe it myself, easy and really relaxing pose.

My practice last for 1h30 and now I am going to my cupping therapy. I need to rebalance my chi, left side versus right side so cupping and acupuncture are now on my schedule.

The more I practice the less I want to talk.... which could become a problem as I am supposed to teach ;-)

Looking forward to my tomorrow practice!

- Namaste -

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