Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Marichyasana D without any help - big step forward into my practice!

The shala is sooooo busy. I have to wait one hour before practicing. Sharat told us to shorten our breathing because students were waiting outside. Without any respect I did understand that the shala has been overbooked for the season, he is dealing quite pretty good so far, so I think they should accept less students but they should not ask us to fasten our practice just because students are waiting outside. We are all waiting outside, sometimes for more than one hour, we are waiting because we want to practice with Sharat and we want to practice the best as we can. 

Already the led class are just awful so do not ask us to compromise our Mysore class, if so then there is absolutely no reason to come here and practice if we have to perform the Primary Series, or the Intermediate or the Secondary Series in less than one hour.....

Back to my personal practice, I am very happy as I managed today to do my Marichyasana D alone, did not ask any assistance. I was watching how the 2 practitioners closed to me were doing and realise that the sitbone of the leg with the foot on the mat was completely up, but really up, so I did the same and damned it was easier on both side. Basically there is no alignment in Marichyasana D. The pelvis is not square at all, it is a twist with an "unaligned" pelvis. Then if you can manage the twisting in Marichyasana C you  will be able to manage Marichyasana D.

I also noticed the position of the foot (from the leg going in Ardha Padmasana), actually the foot has to be place slightly below the groin, not in the groin and certainly not above the groin so it is a pure inversion of the ankle.

If you try to put the foot toward the belly button then it won't work at all therefore there is no "comfortability" for the ankle, it can become painful in the joint but the pain can be avoid if you keep squeezing your knee toward the foot that is on the mat (so basically you will be using the hamstrings muscles of the bending leg). Not sure if I am clear about my explanation but it is how it worked for me today.

At the end of Supta Kurmasana I did a vinyasa rolled my mat and was about to leave the shala for the closing series in the changing room when Sharat asked me "where did u stop?" me: "Supta Kurmasana", Sharat: "you catch?", me: "no, I don't catch", Sharat: "You will do with me"....

So I suppose that tomorrow he will adjust my Supta Kurmasana in order for me to move forward the series.... however I am not sure he will remember so as of tomorrow I will go to the practice without any expectation.

On another note the acupuncture is making miracle to my body, don't know how to explain but I feel really good.

Looking forward to my tomorrow practice even though I am enjoying each minute of the day ;-)

- Namaste - 

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