Friday, 11 November 2016

Practice is flowing, blossoming from my belly!

The more I practiced the more it is easier. However I am still stuck in Supta Kurmasana, whatever the adjustment I am receiving I can not grab my fingers.

All others asanas are going very well, this is the positive side, Marichyasana D is not a problem at all for me, I do not have any pain in my knee.

The pain I am having is all around the buttocks region, I remember when I was attending glutes workouts I used to have a lot of pain all around the region by the repetition of boring exercices, it is exactly the same pain I am having right now.

Also I have noticed that the shape of my body is changing, I have a waist line coming, shoulders are getting wider, rib cage as well, legs and especially the hamstrings are getting longer and my butt is getting higher...... not to mention my arms, my biceps are really big.

The stamina is also well installed, I am draining myself into the practice, it is flowing, my breathing make me sweat a lot and I am getting more and more focus each day.

I am in a transformation phase. I feel great and my mind is calmer. I sleep a lot!

At the end of my practice Sharat asked me if I was catching, I told him no.... he said "next week call me and I will help you".

Monday is full moon day, so let see on Tuesday.

- Namaste -

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