Saturday, 5 November 2016

Don't walk after the practice, you will get bigger thighs.....

As per Sharat the reason why I can not catch my hands in Supta Kurmasana is because my thighs are too big..... so: "you should not walk after the practice and have a rest, your thighs are too big, that is why you don't catch in Supta Kurmasana" - Sharat Jois, November 2016 - ..... :-) wow!

To give an idea of my "big thighs" from the top of my leg they are about 56 cms.... so is it too big for Supta Kurmasana? 

Not to mention that he said that in front of everybody, if I had any discomfort with my body or if I was very sensitive this sentence will have put me down..... but I am not and I just thought "OMG, does he really believe what he is saying?".... Never ever I will dare to say something like that to one of our students, could you imagine how unprofessional is it?

Today was the led class and it seems that the 4.30 am class was a bit of chaotic, students walking on other students. I was for the 6.00 AM practice and my favorite spot is the hall or the ladies changing room. I came late and choose to practice with 2 others very nice students in the hall. A place was remaining in the main shala, none of us wanted to have it :-)

Practice was okay. Monday my led practice is at 4.30 AM and I have decided to skip this one, will practice my own Mysore class in our shala, I will never go at 4.30 AM practice because students are acting like animals just to get a spot in front of the stage to be sure that Sharat is seeing them.... I think it is a bit pathetic, I also think that Sharat should say something about this.

- Namaste -

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