Saturday, 12 November 2016

5000 applications!!!!

During the conference today this is what Sharat said. There were 5000 applications for November, December, January..... the shall is completely full and no more registrations are possible until next year. So we should feel lucky to be part of the students who got accepted. Of course I feel lucky ;-)

I met Ian Grysak today. He was in the line up, I cam to him and asked him "are you Iain Grysak?" he said yes, then I told him that I was reading his articles and get inspired by it and his point of view. So I thanked him for it and went back to the queue. He was very humble, he asked my name and told me thank you.

I was surprise that no one was around him, talking with him, he was alone on his own like any others practitioners.

If you want to real a real blog about a the real ashtanga Yoga practice and the real commitment I highly recommended his webstie:

I am still asking myself whether I will register for his workshop "Ashtanga Immersion course" on February or not...... On March I am going to Lombok so I should ask for a 2 months visa before going to Bali if I want to attend his course.... I am really interesting in it.

Will see.

So today was the led class, I arrived late on purpose (but before the class's starting) and did my practice upstair in the changing room. I wanted it. And I did the full practice ;-) I was sweating like anything, practice is led for one small hour and when Sharat count is at 3 I am just finishing my first breathing....

Monday there is no class, full moon and then Tuesday is the led class..... Did not expect it. I won't go to it as it at 4.30 AM (I have to leave the Ashram by 3.30 AM to be at the shala by 4.00 AM and all of it for a quick led class.... no thank you). Then I will do my practice in our shala at 5.00 AM.

I feel great.

- Namaste -

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