Saturday, 6 August 2016

Practices in Paris - August 2016

I did not really stop the practice. I was supposed to stop for a week but then I have been practicing on July, then I travelled and have a break of real non practice for 2 days then I went back to the practice.

Actually we are running a Hatha TTC in Paris and as the studio we are renting is big (because we are having 25 students) and also because it is a danse studio there are some curtains that prevent the mirror. So what I do during the morning practice that Rakesh is teaching I am doing my personal practice behind the curtains.

I started with 54 Sun Salutation then the standing series avoiding Ardha Bada Padotanasana because my knee is still in recovery mode, then once I reach the sitting pose I stop practicing the Primary Series but do a lot of back bend series, core centering and "guts" exercice.

I am really enjoying it. Next week will do only back bend with core exercice.

I did not manage the 108 Sun Salutation because I can not count them, so I did practice half an hour of Sun Salutation but I am not able to know exactly how many I do. As I am not in competition with anyone I have decided to stop the struggle of counting but just do.

Practice is good, I have to be ready for October as I am starting the practice with Sharat.

Not to mention that my diet has completely changed since I am back to Paris, I eat salad every day, so happy, not that much of cheese and croissant in the morning. Right now I do not miss Indian food at all and don't think I will miss it in the near future.

Enjoying life, practice and our new students, life is definitely goooooood :-)

- Namaste -

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  1. Beautiful! Truly inspiring! Keep up the good work! :)