Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Yesterday was Guru Purnima and New Moon

Therefore there was no practice. Sarawasti has invited all students to the Puja that took place in the main shala from 10.00 AM to late in the afternoon.

They did a fire ceremony and 2 priests were there. All Jois family was there, Sharat and his wife, his mother Sarawasti, kids, cousins. I won't display pictures of them, we were authorised to take picture during the ceremony, some people were even filming, so I took some pictures with Sharat and his wife but do not intend to display them.

However the shala was completely packed!

After the puja some students were singing Kirtans, shloka to the family. Some of them came on stage with guitare and started the Bakthi Yoga. I am not a huge fan of it, I like to sing kirtans however I do not like to sing it with a westernise style if I may say. It is just very personal, I do not feel any devotion into that, just pop music singing old shloka or kirtans which does not make any sense to me.

Sarawasti spoke about her dad, she was very emotional.

Anyway this morning it was time for the practice and I do believe it was the full moon:

It was a really good practice.

Starts: 4.45 AM
Ends: 6.40 AM

I did 20 Sun salutation in order to sweat and to warm up my body. Also I did more vinyasa at the beginning of the sitting posture.

I have been adjusted in Supta Kurmasana and slowly but sure the posture is coming.

I have bought some medicinal plaster with herbal "magic" ayurvedic and put it all around my knee, I slept with it and took my shower with it and this morning my knee was better, so I was able to manage so Ardha Bada Padma but not all of them, I think these plasters are working nicely, will put another one today for the all day.

In six day I am living to Europe, during august I will practice differently but sill will manage to be on my mat by 4.30 AM.

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