Monday, 18 July 2016

Week 7, Mysore practice

Starts: 4.35 AM
Ends: 6.35 AM

Improvement: Gharbapindasana and the 9 rounds. Was able to roll on my back in circle for 9 times while my hands where inside my calf muscles, so it is a huge improvement as lately I was able to roll on my back but straight, not doing the circle.

Since the adjustment of my cervical spine and thoracic with the chiropractor I have lost my center, therefore when I am doing Shirshana I have the feeling that I am not straight at all and I can't realign myself. Even worst in the shadow of my asana I can see that I am lining on my left side and I have no clue how to come back straight as I do fell straight.....

Back bending is also improving and my sun salutations just rock. Now I start the practice with 10 Sun salutation A and 10 Sun salutation B, why? because I like to sweat during my practice and also the sun salutation are getting lighter and lighter to do, so in the end why not?

Tomorrow no class, it is the birthday of Guruji and all students are required to be in the main shala by 10.30 AM; also it is the moon day, so no class.

Back on the mat on July 20th, in the end I think I will enjoy this day off :-)

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