Thursday, 21 July 2016

Mysore Practice - Sarawasti Shala, David Roche

Starts: 4.45 AM - 20x Suraya Namaskara
Ends: 6.35 AM

Asana skipped: Shirshasana, yoga mudrasana, padmasana and kukutasana.

Adjustment: Kurmasana and Supta Kurmasana (it all comes)

Knee pain, sit bone pain.... well I believe it is part of the game now. I have to manage with all different kind of pain, I think it is a stage that I have to get over it, like a test. I have now knee support for my knee and it feel definitely better but still it is painful.

I need 20 Suraya Namaskara before starting any asana, my body is too stiff in the morning. I think that on August I may practice only Suraya Namaskara the first week and see how my body reacts to that. Will do daily 54 and hopeful 108 Sun Salutation for one week. Then second week only back bending sequence (a little bit of the secondary series). Actually there are a lot of asana in the secondary series that I can do. Only problem is all balance on the forearms, this I can not manage, could not find my center.

I am mentally preparing my August practice as I will be in France and teaching the all day during our TTC. So it will be challenging. In Mysore even if we are running a TTC we are 4 teachers so I can practice early morning and teach only 3 hours during the day, in Paris it will be different, we will be 2 teachers and I have to translate in French as well, so my morning practice will be the only moment for me, I won't be able to practice any other time.

And beside I need to give a break to my knee so my program will be for August 2016:

first week - only Sun Salutation, about 54 to 108 daily
second week - Sun Salutation and back bending sequence (with of course some fwd fold)
third week - back to the primary series with all Vinyasa but skipping all padmasana
fourth week - focus on balancing pose

Will see what will come from it!

- Namaste -

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