Sunday, 17 July 2016

Week 7, Led class with Sarawasti

This week number 6 is my last week of practice with Sarawasti. I was off the mat theses last three days, first of all the adjustment I received on my last class (July 13th) killed my upper back and my neck was blocked and then I had my periods..... So today after 3 days off was my come back to the mat.

Sarawasti does not teach 10 Sun Salutation but 4 Sun Salutations A and 3 Sun Salutations B. When I am practicing I do at least 16 to 20 Sun salutation because it is a good warming up for my body, therefore I think that my bodys was not ready or maybe the last 3 days made my body lazy, but my hamstrings were painful during the all practice.

Sometimes I do not know what to think about my practice, some days are very awful while other day are just amazing.

On the other hand I have received my confirmation to practice with Sharat from October 5th to December 5th, 2016:

This is your final confirmation to study with Guru Sharath at KPJAYI, we have received your online registration form and it has been accepted by us. You can come according to your dates that you have mentioned in your online form.  Please don’t make any kind of changes and don’t reply to this email ID.
Do bring this Confirmation print out, photocopy of passport & visa (1 each) and 1 passport size photo. You will have to provide these on your arrival to register in person at KPJAYI, Mysore."

So I am happy :-)

On August and September I will have to practice on my own and will attend some yoga class. At first I wanted to continue with the Mysore Class in other Yoga Studio in Paris and New York as I will be travelling to theses places the next few months but then I realised that maybe it will be better for me to practice other style, Vinyasa Yoga, Iyengar and Back bending classes during this time.

I don't think I will lost the Primary Series and do believe on the contrary that it will give a new improvement to my practice.

Basically I want to give a break to both of my knees, I do believe that the pain I am having in my hamstrings are because of my knee issue, my body is compensating too much and it is a chain reaction that is happening.

Tomorrow back on my mat for my Mysore practice at 4.45 AM.


  1. You won't be at Samyak in November ?? :(

  2. Yes I will :-) The KPAJI shala is about 30 minutes by from Samyak Yoga .