Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Week 6, July 12th and July 13th - Sarawasti Shala

Starts: 4.45 AM
Ends: 6.40 AM

As my body is painful I need more sun salutation to warming up, so I do at least 20 of it. I am getting a little bit scared of some of adjustment I may received. Today there was the Indian Lady who is assisting Sarawasti and she push my back like nothing during Paschimottanasana, I was surprised and I was in a "saving mode", bending my knee and lengthening my lower  back.... but she came and press right between the scapula.... now my neck is blocked, not saying that it is because of it but it may have an impact.

Since yesterday there is one lady coming out of the blue and practicing right in front of me... She does not know anything about the Primary Series, she is practicing a flow with some asanas. From Uttitha Hasta Padanghustasana she will go to Parshvakonasana A..... from Prasaritta Padtonasanasa she will go to Dandasana (sitting posture) and from Janu Shirshasana A directly to Marychasana D and so on.....

She is doing whatever she wants in the order she wants... yesterday Sarawasti helped her for Uttitha Hasta so then when she noticed that the student was "back" to Parshvakonasana she asked her "what are you doing", the lady was still continuing..... then she told her to stop but she did not.... I think she did not understand what was going on....

Anyway today after the class she was down having a coconut and I spoke with her (a very quick one), I asked her if maybe it will be better for her to come and practice with the asana on the paper.... then she looked at me and she said "no, I remember"..... okay....

So basically there are 3 teachers in the shala, David Roche, the Indian Lady and Sarawasti and no one is paying attention to this student practicing whatever.

After all it is not my business, people do whatever they want but I am here to understand what is the tradition of the Ashtanga, what is the tapas and sometimes it is just whatever.

Still I will continue, I want to see where the journey is guiding me.

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