Monday, 11 July 2016

As of Yesterday it has been 3 months....

I started my Ashtanga Yoga journey on April 10th, 2016. I took a vow and decided to practice DAILY the Primary Series.

I was not new to the Ashtanga but I was not a regular practictioner. Now I am falling the full moon cycle, the new moon cycle and my period cycle.

I am following the rule. I have started my regular practice with John Scott in Goa, then practiced on my own, then joined KPAJI in Mysore under the guidance of Sarawasti and David Roche.

I can tell the difference with my practice, more flexibility, more lightness while doing asana, more stamina.

I also eat more and sleep more :-)

However I have lost my balance due to my knee that are getting worst day by day.

The Primary Series will be the perfect practice for me without the Arda Bada Padma and all rotation of the knee, this is my weakest point. Outside of the knee problem everything is getting better and today I have started to practice the dropped back bending with David Roche.... and it was a really huge back bending, I don't know how but my lower back can handle it perfectly, no pain at all and actually it felt very great while doing it.

I still have 9 days of practice at Sarawasti Shala, after this I will go back to Paris and North America for 2 months. If everything is okay then I shall practice with Sharat by October until December 2016.

After December 2016 I am planning to practice in Mysore with Ajay Kumar.

I am still not sure I am "fitting" in the Ashtanga Yoga world, a couple of asana are now out of my reach because of my knee. This morning I felt in Ardha Bada Padmotanasana because I am losing the proprioception in my both knee. Which is not good.

I also felt in Shirshana ;-) but I believe it is because of the intense back bending, my pelvis was going everywhere while lifting up, however I came back right away in Shirshasana.

After 3 months I am still happy to practice, some morning I just want to sleep but still as soon as I am on my mat I am feeling great.

Yoga is a discipline, right now I am practicing the 8 limbs of Yoga and experimenting the "Tapas". The Asana and the practice of the Asanas is all about Tapas (discipline), becoming stronger than our mind.

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