Tuesday, 7 June 2016

June 7th, 2016 - DAY 2, KPJAYI

Morning practice: 5.00 AM
Finished at 6.30 AM

I was doing Kurmasana and Supta Kurmasana, Saraswathi came to adjust me. Then I got lost and did not know if it was Badakonasana after Supta Kurmasana or Garbha Pindasana (it is is Garbha Pindasana)... so I asked and it was my lesson, do not ask anything ;-)

Sarawasthi assitants did not reply to my question and they finally told me "your Kurmasana was not good go directly to the back bending".

Then I wanted to do the drop back, her assistant told me not to do it.

So I was happy to have done before all vinyasas, I was the only one to do so and I was scared that at one point they will stop me or tell me not to do so, they did not. Some students were looking at me like I was doing something wrong but in the end it was fine.

Tomorrow morning I won't ask any question and will practice silently and hopefully I will be able to do the all series, if not then I will improve my Supta Kurmasana. Actually it was not bad at all, it is jut that I need assistance to grab my hand and bring my foot behind my head, but for the forward fold I am pretty good.

- To be continued -

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