Sunday, 12 June 2016

June 12th, Led Class KPAJI Mysore - Sarawasthi

Starts: 6.30 AM
Ends: 8.30 AM

Full class.

My back has been fixed on friday evening from a manipulation done by Rob Lamport, very talented Chiropractor and highly recommended.

My body is still in need of other fixes but this manipulation was really helpful today during my practice - Urdhva Mukha Shvanasana was easier and my rib cage was more open.

Also I have started since last week drinking daily the Golden Milk (Turmeric beverage done with vegetal milk and a bit of honey), it has many benefits such as releasing the muscles cramp and also give a natural glow to the skin as pimples are removed.

Tomorrow for the next 5 days back to the Mysore practice. I really enjoy the class today, Sarawasthi count slowly so we all stay longer in all asana which I really start to appreciate more and more.

I feel lucky to be able to have a daily practice.

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