Friday, 10 June 2016

Day 5, Sri Pattabhis Jois Shala, Mysore

Starts: 4.50 AM
Ends: 6.30 AM
Stops: Supta Kurmasana then back bend to closing series

It was a really good practice, actually since I have started at Sarawasthi I did not have any bad day.

My hamstrings were painful the last month but this month they are very flexible and this right away from the first sun salutation.

Knowing that I won't be allowed to do the all Series I am lengthening my breath for all asanas.

Actually my obstacle is more about Supta Kurmasana than Marychasana D, because I had several surgeries on both of my knees, and the right knee does not have meniscus anymore, the left knee has a torn external meniscus and it is already a miracle that I can manage Padmasana, therefore what ever happens with my practice I won't be able to bend in Padmasana (half) and twist at the same time for Marychasana D because I directly feel the movement in my knees.

So basically I am not cheating, it is just that for this one physically this asana does not work for me.

I see a lot of improvement in my practice, as I am staying longer in the asana I am doing all Vinyasa on slow motion without any jerk and it brings more stability to my mind and also I am getting stronger. Today I hold Shirshasana for 25 long breath, I was very comfortable, then was able to hold from Shirsha, Urdhva Dandasana for 5 breaths. For me it is a real clear improvement.

On the other hand and completely out of the blue, today I have noticed that some of the students are very arrogant. 

Tomorrow is the day off. Sunday at 6.00 AM led practice.

I am very happy whatever happens!

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