Thursday, 9 June 2016

Day 4th, Sarawasthi and David Roche - KPAJI

Time: 4.45 AM
Starts: 4.50 AM
Ends: 6.30 AM

Stops at Navasana

I am understanding how the system is working.

It is not about the jump back or jump front.
It is not about doing or not all Vinyasa
It is not about the performance

It is about a practice done WITH RESPECT TO THE TRADITION.

Traditionally Yoga was taught from mouth to mouth, from Guru to Student, one asana at a time. Once the asana was done properly, with proper breathing, bandhas and alignment then the second asana was given to the student.

Therefore to become a Yoga Teacher took years and years of practice.

In the West we are wrong, we are all wrong.

So now when I am practicing I stay longer into the asana because I know that anyway I won't be authorised to practice the full series.

Then I am repeating the asanas. 

I am still cheating as I should not even do Navasana because of Marychasana D that I can not properly, my torn meniscus does not allow me to do it. 

My morning practice was beautiful, I really enjoy it!

- To be continued -

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