Sunday, 26 June 2016

Fourth Week - David Roche Led Primary Series practice - KPAJI

Starts: 6.30 AM
Stops: 8.30 AM

I found it more difficult to wake up at 5.30 AM than 4.00 AM. Even my practice is better early morning.

It was the first time that I did not sweat AT ALL during the all practice. The weather in Mysore is getting colder due to the monsoon coming so morning are about 15° (I know it is not that cold) and maybe it is the reason. Not  even a single drop of sweat....

David wants to adjust as many of students we are, therefore you can hold an asana for 1 minute and the count did not even start, after adjusting 10 students then the count is starting..... in some way I found it kind of frustrating as my body was getting colder but it was also a good practice for focusing and bringing awareness to what I was doing.

My left knee is gone, completely gone, I am doing a lot of variation as I could not bend it anymore in proper ardha padmasana however in the full Padmasana I do not have any problem.

I stop also all Chakrasana, I said it already but I am working with a chiropractor in Mysore and after doing the Xray of my cervical spine we notice that I do not have any lordose to it, which everyone is supposed to have. My cervical spine is straight.... the C4 is smaller and the shape of my vertebrae are not the same. Therefore I could not turn my head completely and it has impact on all my spine, however this is not "new" and my body has been able to manage it properly by compensating a lot....

Now that I am getting older I have to pay more attention on how I practice and practice with more awareness. I should not feel any frustration and should practice in the respect of my body.

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