Sunday, 8 May 2016

May 8th, 2016

Morning practice, start at 7.45 AM with meditation and Pranayama.

End of the practice 9.30 AM.

I forgot Purvottanasana….. I realized it when I was going for Sarvangasana.

The connection of Virabhadrasana II to baby Hand stand to chaturanga is still in realization, I am building it. Right now I have absolutely no clue of what it looks like from the outside but from the inside I still feel very heavy.

I started to introduce the Kakasana after Bhujapindasana and Supta Kurmasana and also Upavistha Konasana.

Slowly but surely it is coming.

I don’t feel any pain anywhere when practicing all Suraya Namasakara, I have added 2 so now I start the practice with 7 Sun A and 7 Sun B.

I almost back bend down on my own (with the wall support) but right before touching the floor I came back up and I think I was right because it was really hard to come back on my own… then I did a handstand (or 2) but because of the intensity of the backbend I felt weak, so I stopped it.

Neck not back to 100% so did not even dare the chakrasana.

Shirshasana without the head touching the floor is coming, now I put my mat far from the wall.

It was a good morning practice. This evening I will work my core and hand stand.

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