Wednesday, 18 May 2016

May 18th, 2016 - Evening Practice

Duration: 1h40
All Vinyasa
Asana missed: Purvotanasana - There is something about it, this one is the ONE that I am often missing.... 

Improvement: Suraya Namasakara B.

I have understood something today. When I go on the mat I have expectations. I want to improve my jump back and jump forward therefore it can become very frustrating because I don't see anything new about it.

However today I noticed that in Asana in which I was comfortable so not paying that much of attention were actually really improving.

Sarvangasana for instance, I hold it for 25 breaths and all weight is on my shoulder and my triceps.
Halasana has really opened my shoulders. It was an asana I thought I have it but in fact no.
Setubandasana a lot of improvement, my pelvis is higher and weight into the scapula (I do the variation).
Kurmasana, by doing an inner rotation of my femur bone my legs are closer to my shoulder and before I used to have this feeling only when I was adjusted as now I can fix it myself.

So what I learned is in fact I should stop to focus on something when my body is not ready because on the other hand while I am practicing and paying attention of what I am doing I can see a lot of things happening. My shoulders are my open, my upper back is stronger, the scapular belt is more powerful as now I can hold Shirshana with my ears far from shoulder, no collapsing at all.

So yes practice and it all comes but do not have expectation on a particular asana. Just let it flow.

And of course TO BE CONTINUED !

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