Sunday, 8 May 2016

April 29th, 2016

Led practice, counted vinyasa. John Scott taught the closing series with Vinyasa (ideally chakrasana) after Urdhva Padmasana full Vinyasa then rolling back from halasana to matsyasana.

Once the closing series is done, full vinyasa to shirshasana without the head touching the floor.
Practice was about 3 hours, great time, really enjoying it. 

My body is physically stronger than 2 weeks ago. 

That is why I must GO ON.

Tomorrow is a new month; I took the decision to change my food habit. Less bread, more green and also less chocolate. Lately have been eating a lot of sugar and I have to admit that I gained weight. So let’s start a new diet.

End of Week 3 with John Scott

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