Sunday, 3 December 2017

Practice of NAULI


Before practicing the Primary Series I do have a routine and Nauli Practice is part of it.

Nauli is one of the Kriyas of Shatkarma (the 7 Kriyas). It improves and cleans the abdominal region and improves the digestion.

Therefore that is one Kriya that has to be done on an empty stomach and that is why I used to practice it before my practice.

Right now I am able to do it from right to left however I can not do it from left to right, if someone has any tip for me on how to improve it I am open to any suggestions :-)

Nauli is activating Uddiyana Bandha.

I used to practice up to 5 times in a row, the more I do it the more I can.

Have a good day and a good practice!

- Namaste -

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