Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Day 3, Mark Robberds Intensive - practicing my back bend

This morning my body was completely stiff but the practice was really good. Still my practice is really slow and I am managing the pain which is becoming smother. 

I start practicing more back bend but I want to do it slowly, there is no emergency for me to grab my ankles. I asked Deepika how can I use the wall and she showed me, so I am not doing any drop back as right now I would like to start doing it myself. For this I need to open more my upper chest but need really to work on my legs.

When coming back from a drop back the work is coming essentially from the legs. However I do not feel anything coming from my legs and beside I was not able to completely strengthen my arms neither. Therefore if I am doing a drop back with help mainly the work will be done from the helper and not from me so I want to avoid it and need to reinforce my legs during all backbends.

This will be my mission for this month of practice.

This afternoon we have a session so this morning just relaxing.

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