Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Body and Mind are getting stronger with the Practice

After putting on weight when I first started the daily Ashtanga Yoga practice I am now in a phase where I am loosing it. I have been gaining weight from the last 7 months, my upper body was getting huge while my waist was getting smaller.

I was not very happy about it but curiously was not worried that much. I felt stronger than ever.

Then suddenly my muscles got refine.

And so did my mind.

I am more peaceful than ever. Still I am a human being so I can get slightly pissed off but I am not stuck in that circle for a long time.

The hardest part is to get rid off of all negative emotions. Sometimes while doing an asana which requires a lot of balance and stability (I am directly thinking of Uttitha Hasta Padanghustasana) for an unknown reason a bad memory will just pop up.

Yesterday I was thinking of an argument I had with a "so call" yoga teacher on a social network. He is a new yoga teacher, very young and from France. Each time he is speaking or shall I say writing a comment because we never met (and hopefully we will never) he is putting is ego on the very first place. He is the one who wrote to me that Ashtanga Yoga is a commercial Yoga, a Yoga marketing. He is practicing Hatha Yoga and of course he knows everything......

He is the one who teach his classes with closed eyes........ (here I am laughing). Anyway we had an argument and after digging on him I just realised that he was one of many empty shells in the stratosphere of Yoga.

Not to mention that this argument happened 3 months ago...... so why I was thinking of him lately I have absolutely no clue but it seems that my mind was in need of clearing it. Hopefully it won't happen anymore.

When we are practicing we process a lot of things in our body and I realised that all emotions good or bad has its own chemical. There are probably billion of it in our body, travelling from one part to another part and by practicing Yoga slowly but surely we are processing it one by one and eliminating all of them.

In order to avoid all negative thoughts we should stay positive all the time. Is it really possible? I have no clue because also I do believe that anger and frustration are part of our own being, we should and can not ignore them by completely suppressing them but however we should be able to receive them and to process them.

Unfortunately it appears that the process is happening when the asana is requiring the more stability.... but I do believe it is the path that has to be crossed.

With Love & Light,

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