Thursday, 23 February 2017

Chasing the next asana..... What did I learn from it?

It is not worth it!!! It is not a good intention and it should not be the one that brings you on the mat each morning.

Yesterday during our discussion group with Iain Grysak I told him that one for the reason I came to Ubud to practice with him (outside of the fact that I came for Him because of his blog) was my desire to move forward into my practice.

By stopping me at Supta Kurmasana I first faced my ego which one gave me tears and anger.....

During the all month Iain really emphasis about the connection between us and our practice and furthermore between us and ourself. Creating THE relationship with our practice.

Be rooted.

From where we root ourself? From Mula Bandha. Mula Bandha is directly connected with Muladhara Chakra. This chakra first start developing from the womb before we were born.....

Therefore in order to be rooted we need to get connected, to meet our inner child.

A child has the quality of innocence and most of the time when we are child, before going to school deeply instead of us we know what we want to do because of our past life.

Then as we grow up and as the society guide us in what is good and what is bad, we forgot who we are deeply inside of us and we start compromising even thought we do not think that we are compromising ourself. We become adult and the school already has shaped us in a form that shall be respectable in order to enter into the adult world.

This was my mission, to meet myself and to act in accordance of who am I deeply inside of me. It is a long process but the good thing is the process has already started.

It is all about acceptance of who we are and it will only happen once we start to practice yoga in an advanced state of mind. The posture is nothing if inside of us we are not connected, this is Yoga not a physical exercice.

So I stepped back from my expectations even thought I was sure I was not expecting anything, I was basically lying to myself and comparing myself with others for absolutely no reason. I did not even know that I was at this minimum state of mind. I am not angry after me but I am surprised about the lies I was able to tell myself.

It is just the beginning of the journey and it took me 10 months to realise it.


On the other hand, today Iain told me to come tomorrow for the Full led Primary class. 
So this was the cherry on my cake, I have been graduated ;-)

It all starts now.

- Namaste -

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