Saturday, 24 September 2016

Funny thoughts....

I am still practicing the physical part of Yoga which is Asana. However my thoughts are struck in my head, completely moving every where.

I am caught with bad thinking about what I am reading on Facebook or Instagram or others blogues.

As a Yoga Teacher or Pilates Teacher or Holistic Guide/Teacher, or whatever the name you are giving to yourself, I completely understand in order to "survive" or to make a living with our knowledge at one point we need to commercialise ourself.

However I do have problem on how the merchandising is done.

So in order to solve this there are bunch of people who are willing to help you, to guide you, to give you the key of success, to show you how to expand yourself, to explain you how to reach your goals.

Basically they are creating a new demand. 

How by downloading a guide in PDF from internet will someone become successful? There is no guide for success.... and especially when the person who is "selling" his secret is not even well known. At least if someone like Kim Kardashian is selling you her guide to success then okay she has probably something good to share about it because she is the proof that with not much talent you can become very successful.

Why people need to rely on other to gain their own trust?

Can you just trust yourself and do the best you can do. If your passion is to become a musician then practice your music and try to become the best as you can, but you will need to practice a lot and to commit yourself into your passion. The PDF guide will not be helpful at all...

So instead of losing money by attending workshops where the topic is "how to become a successful Yoga Teacher" or else, first practice, then dedicate yourself to your practice, then start sharing what you know, start teaching it if it is your wish but do not wast your time and money by depending of other "guide". Just TRUST YOURSELF!

No one has the recipe and if someone has it then he can share it for FREE, that will be completely "Yogi Style"!

Be happy, you are the BEST, you are BEAUTIFUL, whatever you want you can GET IT (but you will have to work hard and commit of course), RELY ON YOURSELF, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE OF YOUR OWN HAPPINESS, TRUST YOURSELF because YOU ARE THE BEST!

- Namaste -

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